TilVegal. (Km)Verð (1-4) farþVerð (5-8) farþVegal. (Km)Verð (1-4) farþVerð (5-8) farþ
Akranes *49 km (30 miles)22,000 kr29,000 kr90 km (56 miles)35,000 kr45,000 kr
Akureyri *389 km (242 miles)167,000 kr217,000 kr430 km (267 miles)178,000 kr231,000 kr
Bifröst *105 km (65 miles)48,000 kr63,000 kr146 km (91 miles)60,000 kr79,000 kr
Blönduós *244 km (152 miles)110,000 kr143,000 kr285 km (177 miles)121,000 kr158,000 kr
Borgarnes *74 km (46 miles)33,000 kr43,000 kr115 km (71 miles)45,000 kr59,000 kr
Búðardalur *153 km (95 miles)72,000 kr93,000 kr194 km (121 miles)84,000 kr109,000 kr
Egilsstaðir657 km (408 miles)284,000 kr369,000 kr695 km (432 miles)293,000 kr381,000 kr
Eyrarbakki59 km (37 miles)27,000 kr35,000 kr97 km (60 miles)38,000 kr50,000 kr
Flateyri *448 km (278 miles)193,000 kr250,000 kr489 km (304 miles)204,000 kr265,000 kr
Flúðir106 km (66 miles)49,000 kr63,000 kr144 km (89 miles)59,000 kr77,000 kr
Grímsborgir69 km (43 miles)31,000 kr40,000 kr107 km (67 miles)41,000 kr54,000 kr
Hella96 km (60 miles)44,000 kr57,000 kr134 km (83 miles)55,000 kr71,000 kr
Hólmavík *274 km (170 miles)117,000 kr152,000 kr315 km (196 miles)128,000 kr166,000 kr
Húsafell*135 km (84 miles)63,000 kr82,000 kr176 km (109 miles)75,000 kr98,000 kr
Hveragerði45 km (28 miles)20,000 kr26,000 kr83 km (52 miles)31,000 kr41,000 kr
Hvolsvöllur106 km (66 miles)49,000 kr63,000 kr144 km (89 miles)59,000 kr77,000 kr
Höfn458 km (285 miles)197,000 kr256,000 kr496 km (308 miles)207,000 kr269,000 kr
Ísafjörður *456 km (283 miles)196,000 kr255,000 kr497 km (309 miles)207,000 kr269,000 kr
Kirkjubæjarklaustur261 km (162 miles)118,000 kr153,000 kr299 km (186 miles)128,000 kr166,000 kr
Landeyjarhöfn136 km (85 miles)63,000 kr82,000 kr174 km (108 miles)74,000 kr96,000 kr
Landmannalaugar195 km (121 miles)87,000 kr113,000 kr233 km (145 miles)97,000 kr127,000 kr
Laugarvatn92 km (57 miles)42,000 kr54,000 kr130 km (81 miles)53,000 kr68,000 kr
Mosfellsbær21 km (13 miles)8,000 kr10,500 kr59 km (37 miles)19,200 kr24,900 kr
Patreksfjörður *401 km (249 miles)172,000 kr224,000 kr442 km (275 miles)183,000 kr238,000 kr
Rangá103 km (64 miles)47,000 kr61,000 kr141 km (88 miles)58,000 kr75,000 kr
Sauðárkrókur *290 km (180 miles)124,000 kr161,000 kr331 km (206 miles)135,000 kr175,000 kr
Selfoss57 km (35 miles)26,000 kr34,000 kr95 km (59 miles)37,000 kr49,000 kr
Seyðisfjörður684 km (425 miles)295,000 kr384,000 kr722 km (449 miles)305,000 kr397,000 kr
Siglufjörður *385 km (239 miles)165,000 kr215,000 kr426 km (265 miles)176,000 kr229,000 kr
Skaftafell329 km (204 miles)141,000 kr183,000 kr367 km (228 miles)150,000 kr196,000 kr
Stykkishólmur *172 km (107 miles)76,000 kr100,000 kr213 km (132 miles)88,000 kr115,000 kr
Vík186 km (116 miles)83,000 kr108,000 kr224 km (139 miles)93,000 kr121,000 kr
Þingvellir50 km (31 miles)22,000 kr29,000 kr88 km (55 miles)34,000 kr44,000 kr
Þorlákshöfn47 km (29 miles)21,000 kr27,000 kr85 km (53 miles)32,000 kr42,000 kr
Þórsmörk157 km (98 miles)73,000 kr96,000 kr195 km (121 miles)84,000 kr110,000 kr

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